Impact On

Board / CEO

Reduce CapEx & OpEx and Increase Shareholder Value

Material Financial Impact

Make your IT budget go 2X as far.

Reduce software licensing costs   Fractal Computing™ ecosystem eliminates the need for Oracle, VMware, and other expensive software components.

Reduce hardware costs   Fractal Computing makes efficient use of hardware and radically reduces the number of servers for enterprise applications.

Reduce cloud costs   Fractal Computing deployments use inexpensive “bare metal” Unix instances. No expensive “value add” cloud service layers are required which dramatically reduces cloud hosting costs.

Reduce DevOps costs   Fractal Computing applications can be developed in a single business quarter with small software teams. Fractal Computing applications are simple to configure and can be operated by much smaller teams than traditional applications.

Reduce need for data centers   Fractal Computing technology reduces the need for data centers - on premise or in the cloud.

Distributed MicroApps

Fractal Computing™

Extend Budget Dollars 2x

Cut Software & Hardware Costs

Extend Budget Dollars 2x

Eliminate Onerous Legacy Costs

A Journey Worth Taking

A Battle Worth Fighting

Innovate Without Risking Legacy Apps

Run Parallel Systems

Fix Your Cloud Costs

Eliminate OpEx Shock

Beyond The Cloud

Fractal Computing