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Fractal Computing™ enables material change.

Better IT Economics   Fractal Computing eliminates legacy software platform costs such as Oracle or VMware. Fractal makes efficient use of hardware resources so that data center and cloud provider costs are dramatically reduced.

Develop & Deploy Quickly   Fractal Computing apps are developed and deployed in a single business quarter with business unit or department level resources.

Incorporate All Data   Fractal Computing apps integrate data from disparate sources inside and outside an organization to enable 360-degree customer interaction.

Ubiquitous   Fractal microApps™ make data available in real-time to all desktops and devices.

Secure   Fractal microApps use a distributed microsegmented data architecture coupled with public/private key crypto-infrastructure. Massive data breaches that make the evening news are a physically impossible.

True Business Transformation

Requires A Material Change

Break the Chains Slowing You Down

A Better Way To Build Apps

From Concept To Production System

A Better Way To Build Apps

Disruptive in a good way

Doing Business Differently

A different approach to Sales & Marketing, Licensing, and Operations.

Sales & Marketing   We do not use traditional sales and marketing. You will not have some kid call you the moment you download a white paper. Actually, nobody will call. We sell exclusively via trusted advisers who are well known to your executive team. Our customers are usually business unit presidents with a pressing problem. We do not cold call you or harass you. We never offer "end-of'the-quarter" discounts because we have a number to meet. We do not require Enterprise License Agreements (ELA) forcing you to buy products you do not need. We do social media marketing by publishing results you may find interesting.

Licensing   We license per endpoint. An endpoint is a customer, a vehicle, a phone, or whatever the app is interacting with. We charge one price, $X per endpoint per year. Period. No other line items or extras. No charges for test systems, or backup sites, or other additional copies of the system. No charges if you want that app replicated in dozens, or thousands, or millions of locations. We work with you during the evaluation phase to determine app endpoints. We invoice yearly or monthly, whichever is most convenient for you.

Operations   We do not charge for updates or maintenance. All new features, enhancements, tools, that are available to one Fractal customer are immediately available to all customers. You can add features with departmental-level personnel and resources. No need for super-charged consulting companies in fancy suits.

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